we are?

Eli Garmendia and Carlos Pericás.
A couple of photographers.
We live and work in a motorhome.
It’s our home and creative studio.

We’re Nomad Studio.

How did it all start?

We spent 9 months preparing for the start of an undated trip. With effort and affection, we rehabilitate and transform an old motorhome to make it our home and workplace. 

The plan was for life, travel and work to become one.

Thus, in April 2018 we began the journey, a great change of life with the intention of leaving the city and dive into the green to improve our quality of life and change the tempos of our day to day. We are not fans of the great terms, but somehow we identify with the currents of “minimalism” and the “slow”, that is, lead a simpler life and reduce belongings, live with less.  No bigotry, just really enjoy what we do. The Bitxa, our house with wheels, was the perfect way to do it.

So, what at first seemed like a lot of madness, has become our crazy way of being in the world.

Nomad Studio?

We are a somewhat different creative studio. We are mainly photographers, but life has taught us to work with different professionals and touching different disciplines, which allows us to offer other services to potential clients, such as, graphic design, web and video.

Having an internet connection allows us to continue working with regular customers while traveling. And when we have an assignment that requires our presence: we park the Bitxa, fly or take a train, do the assignment and return to the house on wheels.


In addition Nomad Studio is a Cultural Association (officially Asociación Cultural Nomad Studio Art) created with the aim ofbringing, disseminating and educating about art and photography. It’s a container of photographic and creative projects that we are developing along the way.

In this way, we can continue to evolve freely as photographers and creators, and having La Bitxa as the protagonist of the projects we carry out.

“Nomad Studio allows us to open the doors of our home and use photography as a meeting tool among people.”

Eli Garmendia

Eli uses photography as a tool for questioning and autobiographical experimentation. He is interested in topics such as identity, body, nature, and music. Eli’s work has been exhibited at photography festivals such as GuatePhoto or Baffest, and has been exhibited in venues and galleries such as Tabakalera or GKo Gallery among others. His work The Sleeping Forest has been awarded by SERDE in Latvia and nominated for the Prix Pictet.

Carlos Pericás

Carlos’s work with music players has been published in Spanish media such as El País or Icon, and international media such as Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Downbeat or Vogue UK. His portraits have illustrated more than 30 albums and his signature is alongside names such as Universal Music, Impulse!, Santa & Cole or Nespresso. Between 2014 and 2016 he documented the last Buena Vista Social Club world tour.

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