Petra worked for many years in a profession that no longer exists; she managed the telephone in Yanguas. She was the daughter of the village constables and they lived in the house where the telephone was installed. So, with some training and, above all, with a lot of gumption and by asking her fellow workers […]


María is the eldest of four siblings, something that used to be common but is nowadays unusual in Tierras Yangüesas.Yanguas, with a past as a merino sheep and merchant, and with a tradition of muleteers and traders, in the middle of the 20th century, suffered, as did the whole of Tierras Altas, a great deal […]


Migration has been, at different times in history, a major factor in determining the future of peoples. In the case of Fuentestrún, migration to and from Chile has marked the histories of many of its families. In Marisa’s family, the links with Chile are part of her DNA. Her father was from Fuentestrún and her […]


Rita’s story is a special one. According to what she told us, she was the last one to be born in the village, with the help of tía Lucía, the midwife who assisted in all the births that took place in the village. That was in 1970. Today she is one of the few neighbours […]


Victoria was born and raised in Señuela. She is a strong woman with a great sense of humour and an enviable energy. The afternoon of our arrival at the village, we met her with part of her family. They were enjoying a snack, while her granddaughter Claudia was giving a little demonstration of her figure […]


Right off the bat, the first thing he tells you is that he is from the Tierras Altas. He says this with a sense of pride. He is a great connoisseur of his land, in the north-east of the province of Soria, as well as of Señuela, of which he knows a thousand and one […]


Felipe was the first to appear for his portrait. He does not live in the village, but is in charge of maintaining the family home. He lived up to the reputation of the people of these lands. A hospitable man, he gave us a box of sweet butter, typical of the province, which was the […]