Seberiana, at 90 years old, is one of the few people living in Ikaztegieta who has lived through the transformation of the village. Almost 100 years ago, the village was very different. The last significant changes in the village were made in the square in front of the church.


Othmane, originally from the Sahara, greeted us and asked about what we were going to do during our visit to Ikaztegieta. He wanted to take part, along with his family and tell us his story.


On Saturday, the day before the end of our visit to Beizama, Feli came to take her portrait. She told us that she was from the farmhouse in front of the square where we were staying, the main square of the village.


Izaskun, is from the Otaegi farmhouse, which can be seen from the main square of the village; up the hill, white


Gurutze was the only child born in Orexa in 1995.
As soon as we arrived, she explained


Alberto has been our great ally in the village. In the last few days


Aratz is lucky for the village of Orendain. He is 10 years old and l


Born in 2006, she is a native of Orendain. She is a rower for Orioko Arraunketa Elkartea