The project


The Origin

Inspired by great photography masters who used portable studies for their more anthropological works, such as the pioneer Edward S. Curtis,with his work on American Indians, Irving Penn with his work “Worlds in a Small Room”, John Delaney with “Golden Eagle Nomads” or Richard Avedon with his famed series “In American West.”

We use the exterior of the motorhome as the base structure of the set.

©Irving Penn

©Laura Wilson

The Archive

The main objective of this project is to create a Photographic Archive of Portraits of people living in small towns. We understand that these peoples are source and caregivers of culture, identity, character and language.

Nomad Portrait wants to give prominence to the peoples and their peoples, and thus create a photographic archive as a photographic archive as a memory and heritage of who and how the people who lived in this time were.

The Villages, the key

This activity will be carried out if we have the help of the municipalities. It is with them that we specify the dates, the budget and the rest of the details to make the visit a success.

It is an absolutely open and cross-cutting activity, free for the participants and, of course, never mandatory.


In order to make this project so ambitious we have our beloved Bitxa,which is our house, photo studio and traveling gallery.

‘Everything happens around Bitxa’

She is the protagonist and the center of everything we do. It is a German  Hymer-Mobil S550 from 1982 mounted on a Mercedes-Benz van T1 208 gasoline, from the well-known “Brownie” series..

We have transformed it, updated and adapted to our needs.

The study

On one side we set up the photo studio, which is open during our stay in the village.

We open the awning, put a fabric as a background and another on the side to get a more intimate corner (if it does too much wind, of course).

In this way, those who want to portray themselves can pass at any time.

The portraits

We invite the person portrayed to move into the Bitxa where we select and print on a copy of the paper portrait at the moment. We also send them their portrait in digital.

On the other hand, we prepare all the portraits we have made in the village to be delivered to the town hall in a bespoke box so that they can keep it and leave for consultation.

And, of course, we add them to this digital file,which you’re visiting, to make them available all over the world.


On the other side, we set up the exhibition with the portraits we have been doing in the villages where we have passed. 

A way for people from different peoples to see and get to know each other, so as to try to “connect” different communities.



We have prepared all the material you may need to communicate our project. 

Anything, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thanks a lot!

You count!

Make your community part of this human photo archive!