Right off the bat, the first thing he tells you is that he is from the Tierras Altas. He says this with a sense of pride. He is a great connoisseur of his land, in the north-east of the province of Soria, as well as of Señuela, of which he knows a thousand and one […]


Felipe was the first to appear for his portrait. He does not live in the village, but is in charge of maintaining the family home. He lived up to the reputation of the people of these lands. A hospitable man, he gave us a box of sweet butter, typical of the province, which was the […]


Ibon is not from Arruazu. In fact, he was born in San Sebastian and has been living with his own family in Alegia, Gipuzkoa, for many years now. However, Ibon is the main “culprit” for the fact that we have stopped in Arruazu. His father was born in one of the houses in the village […]


Seberiana, at 90 years old, is one of the few people living in Ikaztegieta who has lived through the transformation of the village. Almost 100 years ago, the village was very different. The last significant changes in the village were made in the square in front of the church. Until not so many years ago, […]


Othmane, originally from the Sahara, greeted us and asked about what we were going to do during our visit to Ikaztegieta. He wanted to take part, along with his family and tell us his story. He has been living in Ikaztegieta for 6 years with his wife, three daughters and two sons. He has lived […]


Cristóbal fue, junto a su mujer Paquita, de los primeros en acercarse a la Bitxa para retratarse en Zuheros. Cada mañana de verano, salen a primera hora del día, a pasear por la plaza antes de que el sol apriete. Son una pareja encantadora.  Cuando llegamos a un nuevo pueblo, montamos la exposición con los […]


Miguel es un niño feliz. Vino junto con su tía porque no pudo esperar para venir con su madre a hacerse el retrato. Es la definición por antonomasia de niño extrovertido. No hay en el pueblo nadie con quien se cruce a quien no le diga algo o espere del contrario lo mismo, un saludo, […]


His life is a collection of a thousand stories, each one more peculiar and amusing than the last, Gaby is a real character. One of the stories that most caught our attention was the migrations throughout his life, first with his parents and then with his own family, in search of a better future. Gaby’s […]


Ana is currently the councillor in charge of culture in Alquézar, but she has spent her whole life working in the hostelry business. Until 2007, she was in charge of the Mesón del Vero together with her sister Mari, who we also portrayed. However, tired of the rhythm they were going through, they decided to […]


On Saturday, the day before the end of our visit to Beizama, Feli came to take her portrait. She told us that she was from the farmhouse in front of the square where we were staying, the main square of the village. From the first time we visited Beizama, we were amazed by the gate […]